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bullet Industry Type of Work Equipment Installed
bullet Research Furnace Fume Extraction Reverse Pulse Dust Collector IP96 100M2
bullet Education Fibreglass Spraying Reverse Pulse Collector IP96 plus 2 Downdraft Spray Booths
bullet Aircraft Composite Fibre Aircraft parts Two high vacuum system minus 16KPA, minus 20KPA
bullet Education University of Technology IMF6 Dust Collector
bullet Education Dust Extraction woodworking IP248 Reverse Pulse
bullet Defence Dust & Fume extraction Indux Sliding Duct IMF6
bullet Local Government Dust & Fume Spray painting IMF2, ZB4, Articulated Arms
bullet Timber Dust Extraction IMF3, IMF6, IMF8, 6 Branches
bullet Pharmaceutical Dust Extraction Fine Dust
bullet Timber Dust Extraction Fine Polishing
bullet Steel Fume Extraction Workshops in Port Kembla
bullet Education Dust Extraction & Spray Booths Over 20 Carpentry and Pant workshops
bullet Chemical Resin Fumes Wet Scrubber
bullet Steel Mill Scale Extraction Dust Collectors, Special Lexan Enclosures, Cyclones, 4 lines
bullet Recycling Paper/Air Cyclone, Rotary Valve, 40kW Fan/controlled, 2 plants
bullet Materials Handling Fume Extraction Welding Bays, Fume Arms
bullet Steel Spray Booth Locomotive Spray Booth
bullet Transport Fume Extraction Articulated Arms, Mobile Hoods, 1400DS
bullet Education Dust Extraction Over 80 Workshops, IMF20 etc.
bullet Plastics Dust Extraction 3 plants, IFJP9
bullet Steel Mill Scale Extraction 2 Lines, 2 x IP48
bullet Building & Construction Stone Dust Heritage Stone Masonry
bullet Health Dust Extraction 6 Workshops
bullet Metal Dust Extraction Metal Polishing
bullet Washing Scrubber Drum Washing Plant
bullet Pharmaceutical Scrubber/Carboned Toxic Fumes
bullet Fibreglass Dust Booth Wet Dust Booth
bullet Research Mineral Dust IFJP12
bullet Timber Saw Dust Extraction 2 x IMF2 x 50 m3 hoppers
bullet Ceramics Spray Booths 4 Booths
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