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Recent Projects

Miller Tafe (Masonary Department, IP160)
NSW Department of Primary Industries (IMF3 Shaker)


Miller Tafe: NSW Department of Further Education.IP 160

The dust control at Miller TAFE Masonry teaching facility was antiquated and in desperate need of renewal and up grade.
Indux was the selected contractor due to previous rugged installations in Stone Masonrys in Sydney and Brisbane
Indux was contracted for the design, manufacture and installation of three new
dust extraction systems, for the South
Western Sydney area’s growing demand for masonry trades people. Over the previous
10 years, the need has greatly increased
for apprentice bricklayers and stonemasons.

The old system dust extraction system
had suffered from terminal corrosion
and was unable to supply the increased capacity required to provide proper dust extraction, ambient air quality and work
place dust removal.

To cater for the forecasted needs, a new 30kW reverse pulse dust collector, Indux Model IP160, servicing fifteen (15)  “Coral Articulated Dust Arms”, with task lights and stainless steel inlet mesh, was installed in the “Stone Masonry Workshop” The dust arms allow dust capture very close to the source of the dust creation, and additionally draws much needed fresh air from outside. The IP160 dust collector is the traditional tubular bag type with “on demand” pneumatic back wash filter cleaning system. The bag type filter arrangement creates low internal case air speeds, aiding the filter cleaning and providing low resistance to air flow.

The “Wet Polishing Room” was fitted with a 1.5kW Indux Model 4XW ambient air extraction and filtration system.

FDC 1000In the “Brick Laying Hall” the “new” 15kW Indux Model FDC1000 high vacuum dust extraction system was installed, for general cleanup, after the students dismantled their training walls.

Special features include:

  • Extra dust load capacity, for each of the dust systems was included to cope with the three hundred apprentice masonry tradesmen in the busy training facility.
  • Very extensive acoustic treatment to minimize external noise, ie exhaust silencers, fans in acoustic cabinets, AV mounts and connections.
  • All electric motors used were “Efficiency One” rated, saving money on the electrical consumption, and of course minimizing the affect on the environment.
  • Inlet plenums designed for low velocity into the dust collector, resulting in minimal wear on filters and therefore long filter life.
  • Epoxy paint finish over zinc seal mild steel, galvanized mild steel ducting.
  • Indux’s heavy duty manufacture copes well with the abrasive nature of the stone and brick dust.

Heavy Duty and High Efficiency Comes Standard with Indux.

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NSW Department of Primary IndustriesDeoartment of Primary Industries

The Elizabeth Macarthur Fruit Fly Production Facility, required an upgrade of their existing laboratory dust extraction system (and you though there was already too many of these bugs, but no the Government needs more? I think its something to do with eradication of fruit flies, by breeding impotent and weak varieties and then letting the bugs loose?).

Two of Indux’s IMF shaker clean dust collectors, were selected due to their high efficiency, low servicing cost and, long filter life.

The IMF series of dust collectors use “big” bore filter bags, that allow the dust to readily clear down the dust cake or shavings, and ample dust drop plenums, pre-separating most of the dust before the filters, this minimizes airflow resistance saving energy requirements and reduces filter wear.

Features include:

  • Dust extraction points via Coral Articulated Dust Arms and specialized at source pivoting dust capture hoods.
  • In duct Electric Dampers for automatic airflow directed to the machinery in use, minimizing airflow and therefore energy requirements.
  • A centralized electronic control panel to monitor, indicate requirements and use.
  • Electrical installation.
  • Powdercoat paint finish over zinc seal mild steel, ducting galvanized mild steel.
  • Civil Works for the location of the two dust extractors, and site remediation.
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